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“4syte Said it All” In An Exclusive Interview with AC Network Communications Group of Companies

Forsyth Albert T is a Nigerian based up coming artist with strong lyrical style of singing ,he was in an exclusive interview with news team of Mr Adee Crown  CEO of AC Network communications worldwide and group of companies. Get to hear songs of 4syte on sound cloud and pictures, See more below after cut!!!

Introducing  4syte 

1.What’s your name We asked ???-Answers-: Well… My real name is Forsyth Albert T.

2.who are your parents?? 

-Answers-: I was born to Parents called Mr  Albert & Mrs Da_odimate Anigowuma 

3.How did you come about your stage name ??

-Answers-: my stage name is my biological name given to me by my parents and i used it cause it defines my person and origin of were I am coming from and I actually love doing music Passionately because it’s a part of me since I was a child So all i did was change the ”For” to ”4 ” instead of ”Forsyth” now it’s ”4syth”.

4.How as your music journey been?? 

-Answers-: Honestly for me I will say the journey started back in my secondary school days precisely jss1 that was around the year 2002. I Actually started my music carrier in church were I was leading worship songs in my mum’s church but the true fact still remains that my plan of doing music didn’t really fit into my family’s plan for me so I was made to stop.To my family I actually made them felt I stopped but I never stopped  writing songs cause it was actually an hobby for me, so finally As I grew and gained admission into the university in 2011 due to the liberty being away from family and freedom in school of being independent I saved up some money and booked a studio session and I recorded my first track  ”Respect” and since then I have been recording till date and so far the journey has not been that smooth or easy but its been a game of survival and only the strong I’ve held on to it and this  is were I have attained today # tag (4syth_the_brand)

Take a look at @4sythnmbdz

5.what do you intend to bring on board to change or add to music industry ??

-Answers-: As you can see the industry is already grown and still growing well for now All I want to do is come create make my legacy stay so that I will always be remembered for…in generations to come …

6. What makes you feel different from others ??

 -Answers-:Because I am me and  my uniqueness will surely speaks for me 

7. What is special about your music & unique about yourself and style of music ??  

-Answers -:everything from the way I think to the way I compose and my write up to my flows to the attitude I put in the song to the message that portrays everything I do as a band 

8. Things you like & dislike ??

-Answers-:Kind of like to be with friends and  i like to be happy,like to help people, I hate when people try to take advantage of me ..

9. Are you the only child ??

-Answers-: Oh not really  6…2 cute brothers and  one beautiful sister including my mum and Dad 

10.what are you expecting to do which could be extra ordinary about yourself?? 

-Answers-: For now I would put that in an action verb now cause its better done Than said. ..all I can say is that there’s more to me than just talking cause action speaks louder than words 

Thank you n God bless ..

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