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Aki on stage publicly said People should leave Pawpaw and I alone

Chinedu Ikedieze a.k.a Aki, is a unique comic actor, best known for acting alongside his look-alike, Osita Iheme in most movies has cleared the air on the controversy surrounding his quarrel with his screen-twin, Pawpaw, his family among other issues.

You look mischievous in most of the characters you play in movies. What’s your disposition? I’m just myself, Chinedu Ikedieze, MFR. Knowing who I am and where I’m coming from, helped to build the basics of my personality.

I’m just being professional. Besides, I can only be someone else in a movie.

Did you become an actor by accident? Primarily, I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer. Somehow, fate played a smart one on me and I found myself riding in a more benign career (becoming an actor).

During your fight with Osita, were you at any time, paired in any movie, how did you pull through acting with someone you were not in good terms with? We’ve never fought before! But your relationship with him is not cordial as it used to be..?

Again, I say, we’ve never had any fight! Osita is my friend and brother and still remains that. I really don’t no where all these information are emanating from. People should just leave us alone. You guys are always creating unimaginable things. To clear up any misconceptions you might still have, please watch out for Aki and Pawpaw live in UK this summer.

You’ve been at the centre of some harsh rumours; your rumoured death, and separation from your wife, how would you say the media has treated you?

Well, thank God you’re talking to me now and not my photocopy. It’s unfortunate that’s the kind of journalism some unscrupulous elements are practicing now. When every Tom, Dick and Harry is a blogger what do you expect. But then, for the very professional ones, they’ve treated me nicely and as best as they can. I remain grateful to them. So, what has kept your marriage going? Grace! Is your wife still comfortable with your career as an actor. Has she had reasons to be jealous watching you in a romantic movie ? There’s no problem with that. The presence of a father in the home is priceless, how do you make up for the time you spend on locations? When I am not on location, I’m home doing my duties as the father of the house.

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