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Barbecued frog – A delicacy in Nigeria

In this current state and time, where prices of goods and services have increased tremendously, people are starting to explore other options when it comes to survival. One beautiful thing about being human, is our ability to be creative in order to survive.
People have stepped up their game and have found a delightful delicacy to eat. Barbecued frogs and this is trending in Nigeria, for obvious reasons such as they being readily available and loaded with enough proteins.
In the past and before the discovery of the new delicacy, Nigerians eat dried frogs arranged on sticks like dried fish. Some people simply eat this as a snack while some make vegetable soup with it.
But recently, a Nigerian man identified as Solomon Nwafor, has made a lot of money making frogs look attractive and palatable as barbecue. He makes nothing less than 20,000 niara a week, selling barbecued frogs. He stated, he hunts for frogs in the early hours of the morning and later in the evening.
This delicacy is loved and eaten mostly by people in the northern part of Nigeria.



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