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Director of National Intelligence USA – James Clapper Resigns

James Clapper, 75, director of national intelligence has announced that he is resigning, hence he would not be serving under the Trump administration. Mr Clapper is in charge of the organisation that oversees CIA, FBI, NSA and a myriad of other spying agencies.
Mr Clapper began his career in the military, rising to become an air force general. In 1991 he became the director of defence intelligence, retiring in 1995 to go into the private sector. His oversees over 107,000 employees, who work with a combined budget which exceeds $52 billion – including $10 billion for the NSA and $14 billion for the CIA.
Mr Clapper when asked by Adam Schiff, a Democrat politician, about rumours that the spy chief, who took on the role in 2010, might not stay on into the Trump administration and asked how he felt, Mr Clapper said he “felt pretty good” about handing in his resignation and that he only has 64 more days in office, a thought that pleases his wife very much.


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