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Donald Trump’s $100 million personal Boeing airliner – check it out

Though it’s not the most fuel-efficient engine in the world, it is incredibly powerful. In fact, it’s earned the 757 a reputation among pilots for being a bit of a hot rod. That is Donald Trump’s private jet. The interior is amazing and to die for. Every accessory is made up of a 24 carat gold. Trump was not the first owner, he took delivery of the 20 yr old jet in 2011 and customised it to suit his specifications at a great cost.
In 1995, the jet was bought by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen. For the next 15 years, the Boeing served as a corporate runabout for the billionaire’s various interests. Trump’s Boeing 757-2J4ER first flew in May 1991.
The current 757 took the place of Trump’s former plane, a Boeing 727 built in 1969. The Boeing 757 is powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan engines. The Rolls-Royce engines are a feature Trump was very keen to have on his plane. In airline operations, the Boeing 757-200 can carry as many as 239 passengers, but Trump’s plane is configured for only 43. It has all of the features you’d expect Donald Trump to enjoy. See pictures below;

up-front-the-boeing-is-outfitted-with-a-modern-glass-cockpit  a-silk-lined-master-bedroom-equipped-with   a-master-bath-with-24-karat-gold-fixtures-and

a-shower-in-total-the-plane-is-equipped-with-two-bedrooms   theres-also-a-private-guest-room   theres-a-dining-room

the-seats-have-personal-entertainment-systems-and-convert-into-beds   the-planes-headrests-and-pillows-are-embroidered-with-the-trump-family-crest   a-big-screen-entertainment-system

trumps-guests-also-travel-in-style   the-seats-have-personal-entertainment-systems-and-convert-into-beds with-another-entertainment-system

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