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Ed Sheeran critized of his new album but John Lydon defends him

Ed Sheeran has found an unlikely ally in Sex Pistol, PiL frontman and general punk godfather John Lydon .He may have topped the chart across the world with his third album Divide, but that hasn’t stopped the critics from sharpening their knives for the Suffolk singer. In particular, for what they have percieved as a “calculated” approach to the record.

Ed has been quite open about wanting his album to have broad appeal, telling the BBC : “I had in my mind what sound should be on what song, and which subject matter would be on which song – so I’d write 10 songs for that [idea].

“So there’s six or seven songs about Suffolk, but Castle On The Hill was the best one. And then there was a bunch of wedding songs, I guess, and Perfect was the best one.” 

John, whose Mr Rotten’s Songbook is out today, told the BBC: “He’s been slagged off hasn’t he for this album. They reckon it’s been constructed. 

“I hope it is, none of us do this in a lighthearted, casual disrespecting way for our audience, so good on him.

Source :media partner  ghana web

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