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Kdf Williams advices Nigerians to VOTE WISELY Regardless of what politicians offer as bribes or donations during elections.

Political parties Sharing Free Petite food gifts during only when election is about to take place does not want your interest at all but the facts still remains that , this gift is what you guys can afford with your own little effort and money – Please Vote Wisely and stop selling your votes for only 1 day food and party T-shirt gifts that will make you go hungry for another 4year !!! Make the right decision that will help change the present situation.

A lot of people are afraid to talk or speak their minds when it comes to what matters in Nigeria which is 24/7 CONSTANT ELECTRICITY. Some believe If they talk there might be danger. But the truth is that if you talk you die and if you don’t talk you will still die so why not talk and speak the truth and die for it….they can’t kill everybody…. In a few days Nigerians will make a choice that might change their lives for the next 4years to come and the time is now, if only a wise decision is taken , electricity as been a major problem since father land Nigeria got independence and till date both the previous & the present government can still not provide Constant electricity…. till date, its just so terrible and sad…. that most Nigerians have so much adapted to believe it’s normal to live with this kind of life…. not to have constant electricity because everyone is so used to such lives and everyone as adapted to it by buying a small generator whiles the rich citizens buy lister plants ( BIGGER SIZE GENERATORS ) so sad to know that most companies and investors have moved to neighboring countries to re-establish their companies and themselves… just because they are tired of running generators for their businesses because it’s more expensive to do business in Nigeria due to lack of electricity . This as amount to unemployment in the country, I must let you know that every Nigerian must stand and speak their minds now and stop hiding from the truth. A change must take place in Nigeria and that time is now and that change must take effect !!!

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