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Ghanaian Francois S. W Simpson Becomes Most Renowned Tattoo Artist in Africa See More photos of his work after cut!!!

In recent times Africa has been talking of a multi talented skillful young man and Today’s blog is about one of Ghana’s finest entrepreneur Francois S. W Simpson. He is hard-working, benevolent, altruistic and incredibly humorous man.

In my humble opinion, he deserves more credit than he gets.

If they say a man of all trades, it best defines this man sitting right here

Before we get talking to him, this same young man is also the CEO of FRANUBER Delivery service, a blogger , writer, editor fitness trainer, owns a gym, an actor and a member of Mindstorm Creations, District233 and many more, he is really an esteemed multi-talented artist in numerous forms of Arts. A ferocious Painter/Artist, an inconceivable Tattoo and Piercing Artist, a brilliant Makeup Artist, A daring Fashion Photographer/Laser Tattoo Removal Artist and last but not the least a Poet, the list goes on. There are no limitations to his talent.

Below here is Francois and Members of the Mindstorm Creation team photos .


Francois S. W Simpson was born on July 1st, at Korle-Bu Hospital Ghana to the late Ambassador Rufus Webster Simpson and Mrs Beatrice Amarfio.  After his mum had passed away, he moved from Minnesota back to Ghana Accra his Country of origin where he is presently residing.

In U.S. he did numerous jobs including modelling and working as a Program Coordinator/ Personal Financial Analyst.  When he relocated to Ghana, he couldn’t find a job of that nature so he had to find another means of living.

How his career started

After observing a friend tattooing himself with a needle at his house as a hobby, he discovered his newfound love and realized his desire for tattooing and how he can advance in it while getting paid. He has always had an imaginative and inventive persona so he used that as a platform to reinvent himself to become a tattoo artist by using himself and friends as the scapegoat as a starting point. You know what they say Practice makes perfect. 

Franuber delivery Service

fast and very reliable : 

It wasn’t an easy task for him initially; he faced many challenges in Ghana with the culture differences and different attitudes of the needs of his clients.

However, Google and YouTube played an important part in his career as he got most of his ideas and skills from there and self-taught himself to become a prodigious tattoo artist and a great business man as he is today.

Being a perfectionist aided him to attain his goal to become a preeminent Artist.

His Hobbies and Interests:

Francois has many hobbies just to name a few; he loves disassembling and rebuilding cars, he is a sprayer, a designer and a welder . 

He loves playing his violin, love classical music preferably Antonio Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach.The cars he reassembled were a big deal for him, and it somehow assisted him to become well known in Ghana for his artistry work.

Photos of his invention

One of his famous quotes  “I’ve always realized that every human has four endowments- self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom. The power to choose, to respond, to change”. by Francois SW Simpson.

His all-time favourite quote by Shakespeare is “It’s better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.”

This man is truly incredible; we all need to take a leaf out of his page. No matter how worse you feel your situation is, remember there will be a better tomorrow if you have faith and believe in God and your abilities. Looking at Mr Simpson’s story I can’t stress enough that hard work, determination and having the drive pay. Any obstacles he encounters along the way, he pushes through them and never gives up, and that’s the lesson we need to learn.

If you happen to be in his area, stop by his shop for a chat and consultation, he will welcome you with open arms.

18th Street, New Achimota, Near Kingsby Roundabout, Accra, Ghana.


Monday – Sunday

12pm – 12am

Check out his website:

* Twitter:    @FrancoisTattooS


* Instragram: Francoiswsimpson

* Facebook: francoiswsimpson

* Youtube :

Francois in a movie Role

Francois The Poet

Francois The Tattoo and Piercing Artist

Francois The Models

Take a look at few of his amazing work

Few of his Photography Work

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