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jagab!ana Born as Osagie Abayomi Achioya  with a unique and amazing talent, soon to blow your minds “see details & photos after cut”

AC network communications worldwide ( ) IG- Instagram (@adee_crowngist) was in an interview live with jagab!ana and trust me he is extremely good beyond measures in a close door one on one interview with him in the studio we found out that apart from he being a singer he is also a music producer  and also plays instrument. We believe this talent found in him will actually go a long way soon, see more details of his background and photos after cut!!

1.jagab!ana let’s start by you telling us your name real name?? : Osagie Abayomi Achioya 

2.your Parents / background??:

Mr & Mrs Achioya are my parents, My father is into education while my mum is a business woman.

3.How you came about your stage name ??:

The name jagab!ana was coined from my name osagie which means God sent..jagab!ana if decoded simply means God sent a king cos I was sent to make an impact in this industry

4.your journey musically ??:

well musically my journey started 2009 after sec school I did songs played little shows at that time I was called slikky sagz b4 I rebranded as jagab!ana aka vybe monster 

5.what you intend to change the music industry ??

The music industry is growing really fast that am happy about…but the artists re we growing re we practicing Wah we preaching I see music as a tool for communication so I will communicate one love and business plans that will make us the best industry in the world.

6. Why you’re different from others ?: 

Well I am different cause I’m JAgab!ana and my brand and logo is allabout me and my type of music is fusion music with roots in reggae/ dancehall combining this recipes with my personal experiences in life produces a sound called #bengingvybe which happens to be my. Medium of telling my story

7. Who is JAgab!ana? And  What is special about your music & unique about yourself and style of music ?? : Jagab!ana is an Africa fusion artist with his root inreggae/ dancehall, he is a graduate of Crawford University nigeria and also holds a diploma in music production at TEnstrings music institute. He is a renowned mix and master engineer with his studio based in Lagos Nigeria…the brand Jagab!ana is all about #bengingvybes either while making his personal songs or producing for others we keep the sound clean and message Positive.

And below is my Instagram ID:  @jagabianaofficial and fans can stream my song below :  

8. Things you like & dislike ??:

I like truthful and honest people,I like playing the guitar ,I like hard work. I dislike liars, fraudulent peeps ans most especially I hate same sex relationship.

9. Your from a family of? :

Well I’m From the family of four kids where i happen to be the first child.

10.And lastly before we go what are you expecting to do which could be extra ordinary or new about what you’re bringing to music industry??? ::

I’m going to be giving out mad benging vybes to my fans and also fill up some loop holes in d industry with the main aim.of building a better industry for youngies stepping into the game


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