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Paaxx Ansa Born as Princelord Ansah to take over Ghana and Africa with an incredible talent beyond compression; see more details and photos after cut!!

Adee powered by AC network communications worldwide was in an interview live with  Paaxx Ansa and trust me he is extremely good beyond measures . In a close door one on one interview with him in the studio we found out that apart from he being a singer he is also a music producer, plays basically all instrument and at the same time a Video director and editor, thou it’s strange but trust me all is too good to be true but you need to meet him one on one to see the reality about this man. 

We believe this talent found in him will actually go a long way soon, see more details of his background and photos after cut!!!

1.Can you tell us Your real names??

 *Ans: Princelord Ansah.

2.Your Parents names??

*Ans: Mr Stephen Charlesworth Ansah and Mrs Gladys Ansah.

3.How you came about your stage name?

*Ans: It came from combination of my local name Paa Kwesi.

4.your journey musically ??

*Ans :4- It has not been too smooth. I started as a keyboardist in church, bigger bands, then gradually became a music producer. I later started writing songs for others . 

 5.what you intend to change the music industry as producer ??

*Ans : To lets keep and promote African rhythm

6. Why you’re different from others ? 

* Ans :Because I’m versatile and Unique

7. What is special about your music & unique about yourself and style of music & production as a producer ? 

*Ans:-I fuse in the best of my Ghanaian African traditional tones and I  Always use the best of African sound and fusing in the best of most local instruments in my beats to sing and once you hear it you it ; you will know it’s me 

8. Things you like & dislike ??

*Ans-  I hate to copy from other rhythms, I hate trending on one style. I like the fact that music has become a good source of income, fame and opportunities. 

9. Who the people you’ve worked with as an artist and as music producer ?

*Ans:-9. I have worked with Ghanaian and Nigerian artistes like the likes of shatta wale, yaa pono, tinny, Jupiter, sherifa gunu, 4×4, mzvee, kofi kinatta, Kdf Williams etc. 

10. We know you’re creative what other things do you do apart from music?? 

*Ans:- I have lots of passions apart from music  I’m a video director, photographer, architect, anything, a business man in general possibly that you can think of ….lol.

11. what are you expecting to do which could be extra ordinary about yourself?? 
*Ans- Well I want to build an empire which will contain enough young talented arts showcase them and bring them to light giving them the best platform I never had as a singer when I started 

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