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RELISH tells more in an exclusive interview with AC Network Media Communications

1. Can you tell us your name? Augustine Ogbonna

2. Names of Parents? Mr/Mrs Lawrence Ogbonna Ajegbu

3.You are from a family of how many siblings?? Six siblings

4. How you came about your stage name?? I was with my manager having a discussion, there was a verse I’m writing, he told me to sing it, while singing the vibe just came RELISH I was like Gozmo and he just said check the meaning does it define me and my music. And it was yes very good.

5. Describe yourself in two words? Multi Talented

6.Can you tell your fans your journey musically ? I started singing at very young age, in the church to club, birthday parties, street shows, it has not been easy due to some certain unforseen contingency like finance,I have to work hard to record few freestyles. I’m moving higher hopefully will get there some day.

7. Are you signed to a record label? No But under a management company (Henobproductions)

8. Who is your Manager?  Director Gozmo is a hardworking guy who will stop at nothing to ensure the success of any artiste under his management in the music market.In a highly competitive music industry of Nigeria, talent manager like Director Gozmo is needed to stay in the game as an artiste.

9. What do you intend to change in the Nigeria music industry?? Nigeria is full of talents, many artist with there sound in there own unique way just just like me, I do good music with my sound and style, just want to impact life in a positive way, making people happy and make them dance away there sorrows.

10. Why are you different from other musicians?? I’m me, I’m Unique, I got my sound

11. What is special about your music & unique about your style of music?? I speak life, is real, the daily life we live, my story.

12. Give links to your music audio??

*Available everywhere *FRESH MAD JAM*

DOWNLOAD: Relish – Sustain

DOWNLOAD: Relish – Sustain

Relish – Sustain Mp3

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13. Things you like & dislike?? I like natural things, I like music my daily life, dancing, reading, football just to mention few, I hate lies

14. What are you expecting to do which could be extra ordinary or new about what you’re bringing to the music industry??  I just want to give the best I can and make the world dance away there sorrows.

15. What’s the inspiration behind your song ? Is just in me, a life am living, my daily activities the pains I feel, all this motivates me

16. Where are you from and where are you based ? Anambra State. Based in Lagos.

17. Are you married ? Or in a relationship? Or you do baby mama?? I’m Single

18. Who is your music producer? I work with many producers,  no personal yet.

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