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SARS Brutality Must End Says Angry Nigerians,as lady, raped and killed by SARS officers – legal team fights for justice

A lady identify as a Ifeoma has died in police custody a day after she was arrested by SARS officers in Abuja.

According to the reports gathered ,the ugly incident happened when the officers who Came to arrest her fiancé , whom they were unfortunate to meet at his residence ,decided to apprehend their suspect’s girl friend who was in his house.

Ifeoma,has been confirmed dead ,in the custody of the Sars,while the Controversy surrounding her death ,according to the legal team
has been stated that the young vibrant lady died as a result of SARS sexually assauult and brutality.

We write on behalf of Nigerians facing police – (SARS ) brutality to the president and IGP- the inspector general of police to address this major issues. Nigerians are tired of SARS killings, we have hundreds of complains and witnesses logging complains on daily basis and we can prove claims to the world.

Comments SARS – Why this killings for Allah?Are yahoo boys Armed robbers with Guns ? As a Nigerian I think I can answer that with a Capital NO.

Why must SARS take Laws into their own hands without allowing the EFCC authorities to execute their discipline’s ethical ,rather than cutting promising young youths life on the streets and homes short.

Firstly What is the meaning of (SARS)
Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).I think Nigerian Government needs to re-educated its Citizens with a TV, Radio and online publicity in knowing thier full rights as Nigerians, based on the functions of every Police force Departments in Nigeria .

SARS was created for anti-robbery, meaning they are special squad responsible for handling armed robbery cases etc.

SARS interest should be basically focusing on arresting armed robbers and violent armed crime perpetrator only, these should be thier major priority and also to protect the innocent Nigerians from all this types of crimes and not terrorizing, killing Yahoo boys, or cyber crime offenders and seizing their phones, forcing people on the street to unlock thier phones and other many things we have witnessed with some other victims of this very circumstances in Nigeria.SARS have long oppressed innocent Nigerians without notifying the proper investigative department of the EFCC officials.

Nigerians authorizaties must be come out to Re-educated citizens on knowing differences between SARS and EFCC , and here are the differences between these SARS and efcc.

SARS are seen killing cyber perpetrators or so called yahoo boys without proper investigation and sometimes even Obtain money from this people forcefully but the EFCC will do a proper investigation because they have been trained proffessionally for this cyber issues and if offenders are found guilty, properties may be confiscated by EFCC ,then suspect will be sent to court for justice to take effect.

EFCC is responsible for financial crimes, that’s why they are called “The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)”.
An enforcement agency that investigates financial crimes such as: advanced fee fraud (419 fraud) , money laundering etc. So Nigerian authority should please tell Nigerians Why is SARS leaving their professional departmental duties and Chasing after cyber perpetrators who have no guns or so called yahoo boys, rather than allowing the EFCC to do their work. This very issue needs to be properly addressed by the federal authorities.

EFCC is the only legal authorised effective police force department to arrest cyber crime perpetrators or the so called Yahoo boys NOT SARS.

Please we should look into this situation as more innocent killings are been committed by the SARS officers on daily basis.And lastly Why do SARS officers walk around the street of Nigeria with POS Machine? Taking money instantly from people  they think they find guilty, through victims atm cards ? This is really alarming and terrifying…. Nigerians have so many questions for this very SARS officials ?

We are very much sure that top officials don’t know about this happenings and the hidden truth must be told . We all need to understand and get certain things right, because most times innocent people keep dieing all the time,from the SARS brutality.

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