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“They are lying” Claims Kofi Adams – National Democratic Congress (Ghana)

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), has stated that claims by the New Patriotic Party (NPP), that President John Mahama and his brother, Ibrahim Mahama, attempted to bribe the Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP, Daniel Bugri Naabu are all lies and fabrications .
Speaking on Eyewitness News, Kofi Adams, who is the National Coordinator of President Mahama’s campaign team, described the allegations as “cock and bull stories.”
(The NPP at a press conference on Tuesday addressed by Mustapha Hamid, spokesperson for the NPP’s presidential candidate, alleged that the President and his brother, Ibrahim Mahama, tried to compromise Bugri Naabu with a brand new V6 Mitsubishi, a brand New V8 Land Cruiser and GHc 3.3 million for him to resign from his party and further paint the Akufo-Addo as a dictator and “an anti-northerner. “Around the same time, Ibrahim Mahama had tried to convince Bugri with an amount GHs 500,000 cash on the spot to leave the NPP to become a chief after Daniel Bugri Naabu’s uncle died, but Bugri refused,” he added.)
Kofi Adams stated, “Who in his mind collects money he says is bribe; and goes and deposit in his account. He didn’t find any police station to take that money that he considers as a bribe. He didn’t find any person to witness that he took the money and was going round and looking for a Prudential bank that works on Saturday to go and deposit the money. This cock and bull stories should be told to only NPP members and not Ghanaians in generality.”
When further asked whether the government would investigate the matter, Kofi Adams said they will do no such thing. “We will not have to waste our time as a country on NPP. There are so much things to do in this country that we cannot waste our time on NPP and sit on that fallacious statements that they are making. This is the business they do when we are approaching elections. How are you going to investigate these allegations? Clearly they are lying…they are lying and just making allegations.”

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