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US Elect : Donald Trump Wins

Donald Trump, President elect, after a stunning victory in the just ended elections (8th Nov 2016), will become the 45th US president over Democrat Hillary Clinton. The Republican nominee’s projected victory came down to a handful of key swing states, despite months of polling that favoured Mrs Clinton.
Mr Trump’s projected victory in Wisconsin put him over the 270 out of 538 electoral college votes needed to win the White House. The US president-elect took to the stage at his victory rally in New York and said: “I just received a call from Secretary Clinton. She congratulated us on our victory.”“It is time for us to come together as one united people.”
Mrs. Clinton had been seeking to make history as the first woman to win the White House, but instead the 70-year-old Mr. Trump made history of another sort, becoming the first person elected to the top job without having held a high government office, without any military command or political background.

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