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We need Nigerians to wake up from years of dead sleep of watching Irresponsible leaders and unaccountable governance of father’s land Nigeria

Nigeria is the richest country in Africa both in money & man power yet we suffer…Why?

Nigerian Leaders have stolen so much beyond what any nigerian citizen can imagin from fathers land Nigeria yet father’s land cries out but no one can hear the people’s cry & pains…leaders stealing Nigerian money just for thier own use & pocket,What a big fat shame to all our leaders in the past & present.

It’s just so sad that our Nigerian president failed here in Nigerian & failed us out there, kindly Watch this video cause in this video Buhari disgraced Nigerians & Africa as a whole…you guys need to watch this to understand……& after such blunder…. Is it still right to allow such a president to keep driving us in a car when he is blind cause, obviously he can’t hear & can’t see even though he’s got eyes & hears?

But honestly we need very young vibrant & brilliant leaders to rule nigeria, cause at the moment a country without constant electricity is failure. other negbouring countries such as Togo, Ghana ,Kenya, & the ivory Coast all have 24/7 days electricity why can’t Nigeria?All this counties are not as rich as nigeria yet they have constant electricity, with bright streetlight from cities to villages.

Where is our Nigerian leaders leading us to???? A country that buys lister generators to light the street lights in city of Lagos as no plan for the future of the people, meaning they have no vision to bring standby electricity to Nigeria, what a shame and yet we call ourselves giant of Africa, I believe we are giant only with our mouths but not outside Nigeria .Cause we have gone round & we have seen other countries &heard that we are not doing better at all,the only thing that keeps making other country hear of Nigeria out there is entertainment.

Nigerisn music / home videos is most watched on TV believe it or not by the French countries,they now translate nigeria home videos into various language such as French & Spanish countries eg:the ivory Coast, Congo,Togo, Cameroon,guinea bissau & equatorial guinea

Our music is one of the most listened to worldwide I belive we need to do far better by fast developing & giving Nigerians the best of life !!!

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