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Xander 042 talks about himself in an exclusive interview as he finally drops his long awaiting single “Money Na Power” Music video.

In recent times AC- Network Media Communications was in an exclusive interview with Xander 042, his manager and the PA. The artist who recently dropped his single officially, spoke to us about his life and so many other things you fans out there have been longing to hear.

In the interview, he further disclosed lots of interesting things about his career, family, relationship, his music producer and how the whole journey began. Below is how xander threw more light, concerning his new music single “Money na Power” work and his video .

Exclusive interview with Xander 042

1.Can you please tell us your real name ??? -: I am Alexander Udodi Chukwu.

2. Names of your Parents? -: My father’s name is Chief Charles chukwu Okeke ,while my mother is Susana chukwu ,but lost both of them in 2003.

3. You are from a family of how many siblings??:
I’m from a family of three, which includes my elder sister, myself , and my younger brother.

4.How you came about your stage name?? I derived my stage name “Xander” from my english name Alexander.

5 Describe yourself in two words? I am a compassionate person, who tries to understand people and very passionate about everything I do.

6. Can you tell your fans your journey musically?? Answers -:
Honestly, it has not been an easy road for me, hence the journey started back in my secondary school days precisely jss1. I actually started my music career in a church choir, because that was my addiction and hobby. I grew up with the love for music and today, I make music in my own well equipped personal studio, and just before I knew it, friends and family started liking what I was doing, so for me it’s a game of survival and only the strong survives,more especially when you’re consistence and know what you’re doing. I have been holding on to the struggle and this is where it has gotten me to as you all can see.

7. Are you signed to a record label? If yes tell us more? I’m currently working with Sound-Point Music  in the U.S  in Collaboration with (XMEE) Xander Music Empire Entertainment which by the grace of God I am the CEO of XMEE and I have my management in Nigeria.

8.Who is your music producer ? The producer of “Money na power” is a producer who goes by the name (Burning sound) and I work with other producers like k-black and Preclef.


9.What do you intend to change in the Nigeria music industry ??:
-Answers-: As you can see, the Nigeria music Industry is fast growing and taking over globally. My intention is to set the pace in putting my name on the map ,in order for my legacy to be seen and be remembered for by the next coming generations.

10. Why are you different from other musicians ??-:
Answers : Well I am Xander and that’s just the real me and my uniqueness will surely speak for me.

11. What is special about your music & unique about your style of music??-: Answers
Well my music is refined, very, commercial , Afro highlife classic fusion and melodious for lovers of good music worldwide. And still talking about my style ,I’ll say it’s very abstract from the rest, from the way I think to the manner which I compose and write my lyrics ,delivering , attitude ,confidence ,message, live performance, etc, portrays my uniqueness,which you all my fans should watch out for.

12. Give Links to your  music  audio and video

(13.) Things you like & dislike ?? -: Answers
Well, I like singing and dancing, adventures, traveling, touring the world ,making new friends business wise.
I also love reading because knowledge is power and I’m business- Oriented.For me What I dislike the most is “poverty.

14.What are you expecting to do which could be extra ordinary or new about what you’re bringing to the music industry?? :-ANS: My originality ,swag,style which are different from the rest.

15. What’s the inspiration behind “money Na power” ? Can we talk or get to know more about your music producer behind this song “Money Na power” ???
The inspiration behind my song “MONEY NA POWER” is basically what money can do or how it affects a man when you don’t have money. It’s just all about our basic needs and when you don’t have the financial means to do what matters in life or in the society you become a subject of ridicule to many, even families and friends will abandon you to your faith,but when you have the money and all it takes to do everything possible in putting things in place, people will respect and appreciate you. That was the inspiration behind “Money Na Power”.

(16) where are you from and where are you based? Precisely I’m from Mgbidi Town in Awgu Local Government area of Enugu State ,but currently living in Houston Texas of United States of America.

(17). Are you married ? Or in a relationship ? Or you do baby Mama?
Answers:Well, I’m not married, I am still very single and I do have a baby mama, but we are no longer together.

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